My Favorite Villains

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There are lots of villains in Batman, but these are my favorite bad guys and my favorite actors that played these characters!

1. The Penguin – Burgess Meredith

2. The Riddler – Frank Gorshin

3. The Joker – Ceasar Romero

4. Cat Woman – Lee Meriweather

5. Egghead – Vincent Price

6. The Puzzler -Maurice Evans

7. King Tut -VIctor Bruno

8. The Bookworm – Roddey McDowell

9. The Archer – Art Carney

10. Marsha Queen of Diamonds -Carolyn Jones

11. Mr. Freeze – George Sanders

12. The Mad Hatter – David Wayne

13. False Face -Malachi Throne

14. Sandman – Michael Rennie

15. Louie the Lilac – Milton Berle

16. The Black Widow- Tellulah Backhead


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  1. Gran

    Picture showing black on my screen

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